Welcome To Krene

(INFO)Welcome to Krene by Reka

Welcome to Krene Forums!
We are a creative writing forum where people from all walks of life gather together for collaborative storytelling. Krene Forums provides their members the ability to openly express themselves through the characters they portray in a nonjudgmental environment.

Krene Forums isa fast growing and updating community with many friendly faces and smiles to share. We are trying to create a place where our members can kick back, relax, and find themselves getting lost within the words of their very dreams.

Basic Rules

(R1)-Krene Rules by Reka
The 10 commandments

1. Thou shall not hurt others.
Please, be respectful of your fellow roleplayers. You will be interacting with people of different ages, opinions, and beliefs. Avoid potentially hurtful or derogatory comments - remember, every character is being played by another person. This includes scripting of another players character. No-one appreciates having their character manipulated in a way that he/she does not like.

2. Thou will not steal
It is important to give credit to the original website or artist, and even ask permission if you have the ability to do so.

3. Thou must select appropriate roleplays.
There are Open roleplays, private roleplays, mature roleplays and advanced roleplays. Open roleplays can be joined and created by anyone. Private roleplays can be made by anyone, but can only be joined by those invited. Mature roleplays can be made and joined by those over 13, while advanced roleplays should be made or participated in by those with a decent grasp of roleplaying. To join advanced roleplays, one is to read these set of rules: www.kreneforums.com/thread/393/r6-ethics-role-playing

4. Thou must remain active in roleplays.
It is easier, and more fun for the group if all those involved are as active as possible. If you feel you may be absent for an extended period of time, please let your fellow players know, so they can make accommodations for your character. If you disappear from the site for prolonged periods of time without letting anyone know of your status, then the other players within your story have the right to move beyond you and exclude you from future progress.

5. Thou must obey rules of the roleplay.
Each active story may have its own set of rules for players to follow, and these are left up to the story creators. Creators are expected to be fair and reasonable in expectations, while players are expected to obey the rules.

6. Thou must speak English
Any other languages (Excluding those of Krene), will not be tolerated

7. Thou must not be an adbot.
For they shall be swallowed by the great serpent Jhalgani, never to return to their sale of kitchen appliances.

8. Thou should seek mediation
If a conflict cannot be settled peacefully between players within a story, please avoid rash actions. The moderators would be happy to help intervene, and mediate in any situation that is needed.

9. Thou must not live under a bridge
Trolls shall be banished to the Great forest, where they shall be shot down by angry centaurs.

10. Thou must remember to have fun


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What Is Krene

(INFO)What is Krene by Reka
What is Krene?
Krene is the compilation of creative ideas from several different brilliant thinkers compiled together to form the ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy role-playing realm.  It is a world of our own, with inspired themes from the greats of the literary world around us, as well as our own unique ideas to create a flavorful twist.  Krene stretches from a vast environment of primitive Forest Elves and Centaurs in a constant civil war with their Lycan neighbors to a fully developed and further advanced nation of military-focused human race, a magically superior demonic race, and so much more.  Krene is what we make it, is ever growing, and the base for epic stories in futures to come.

What kind of fantasy do you write here?
The thing about Krene is that there is no specific genre.  If we were to categorize ourselves, we would definitely stick between "Sci-Fi  and general Fantasy," however, like said before it is what we make it.  In Krene, the writer's imagination is the limit.  Members from around the site, beyond just the staff, are constantly forming unique ideas to add to the Krene Lore on a daily basis.  Krene is not just for the original writers, but for everyone.  Krene is something that started out as a base world from a few minds formed together, but daily is growing into something that shapes even more brilliantly as others join with us and share their imaginations.

What is the storyline like?
The idea that "Krene is what we make it" still applies here as well.  In the Lore section of Krene History, there is plenty of creative pieces for the members of our site to draw inspirations from.  Beyond that, it is constantly becoming more complex and weaving intricacies in such a way that will satisfy minds from all over the spectrum of creativity.  When forming a story with other players from the site, the member has the option to define their own interests based from inspiration of the current Krene Lore to form an epic tale of their own.  The sky is the limit, as they say.

How do I start a character?
It's so simple the question defines an answer itself!  The creators of the Krene Lore, as well as the role-playing, have provided a character card application that has suggestions on how to fill it out within the OOC board of the Krene role-playing section.  With the specific questions the application designates for the player to fill out, this makes for a more structured basis to put the player within the lore on an interactive level.  Beyond that, to ensure consistency, before applying your character card to recruiting stories, the Krene OOC board has a "Character Card Submission" thread that allows the staff, or "lore masters," to review your card for accuracy.  This system helps for those trying to incorporate themselves to follow Krene Lore the ability to work with the creators of the unique world, ask questions, as well as petition new ideas into their characters to continue to expand the uniqueness of what Krene truly is.

How much do I need to know?
On first perspective, going over the Krene History board can be rather overwhelming.  But, in all reality, there are many resources for you around the site to make your experience writing within  the Krene system much easier than on first impression.  From the character card application/submission system, we also have a board designated to asking any sort of question, a request to add to lore, or anything of the like that you can think of.  In this board, the staff or other knowledgeable members of the site will answer your question so don't feel shy for a second to create a thread at any point!  You are also welcome to PM any staff member on any issue regarding lore, any confusion, or anything at all times.  The people of our community are warm, welcoming, and inviting.  We are here to help you, and would love to build stories/characters with you at any point.  One thing that the staff likes to remind newcomers to Krene is to take the reading in the History Board as relaxed as you possibly can.  Pick one thread every couple of days, or at your easiest convenience, and read it in a time that really interests you.  Don't hesitate to jump in by any means because once you get the hang of it you will get hooked and not want to stop!


Krene Chat Rules: No fighting, No staff discussion, Have fun.
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